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At Alchemix, a Nitro Quimica Companyour life’s work is making your life simpler. We turn  raw nitrocellulose into safe supply chain solutions to meet a wide range of needs, across a broad industry spectrum. We are America’s leading producer of nitrocellulose resin solutions.


Established in 1947, our Company was originally created to market solvent, acid, and film scrap solutions to rapidly expanding industrial companies in Chicago after WWII. Just like today, it was a customer-focused, service-oriented business with close product development ties to its business partners. 

Since October 2016, Alchemix is a Nitro Quimica Company, one of the largest and most modern global producers of nitrocellulose resin and nitrocellulose solutions, with businesses in over 70 countries, a wide portfolio built to meet the needs of diverse segments, such as those of printing inks, nail polishes, wood processing and automotive refinishing. The company has an outstanding track record regarding the safety of its operations and observes strict standards of sustainability.

The integration to Nitro Quimica’s business strengthens Alchemix’s product portfolio and services. In the meanwhile, it also enables the development of innovative customized solutions that allows our customers to reach and exceed their goals


Over eight decades of operation, we’ve been called upon to assist in the development and production of everything from wood putty and printing ink, to tax stamps, gift wrap, and Polaroid® Film. Today, we’re a specialty chemical company, ideally equipped to help you reduce your on-site challenges, and are uniquely positioned to meet your changing needs.

Let’s get to work on solving your chemical challenges.

Our Certifications

Fernando Matheus - General Manager

Fernando joined Nitro Quimica in 2006 and since then led many strategic projects for the company in areas such as Corporate Finances, Strategic Planning, Marketing and New Business Development. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master in Business Administration in Brazil. He is also certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Fernando’s background put him in a unique position to fully explore Alchemix’s business potential and capabilities.

Fred Schneider - Commercial Manager

Fred earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Northern Illinois University and joined us in 1990 where he has excelled in positions ranging from sales management through his current role as Sales Manager. Fred’s exceptional work ethic and depth of knowledge in all aspects of the chemical business make him uniquely qualified to understand your needs. He previously held positions with Custom Pack and ACA metal finishing.