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Simplify production with nitrocellulose that’s easier to handle. From customized batches to drum and tote delivery, our nitrocellulose solutions are made to work for you.


Find more time to focus on what you do best with chemical mixing solutions from an expert supplier, proven to help simplify production and reduce your exposures.


Get the formulations you need for product development or research, and reduce the need to handle chemicals. We've got your solution right here in our FDA-registered, UL-certified facility.


Reduce your exposures and gain a competitive advantage with customized solutions for everything from non-lethal ordinances to nitrocellulose binding applications—all from a Homeland Security certified facility.


From acrylics, to wood putties, to chemical mixing consultations, our experts are here to formulate solutions customized to your specific needs.


Simplify operations and eliminate cross-contamination. From small-batch formulations to customized polymers, our chemists have been mixing up nitrocellulose solutions since 1947.

Printing Ink

Increase productivity and meet insurance and regulatory requirements. The experts at our FDA-registered chemical blending facility can help solve all of your nitrocellulose challenges.

Acid Sales

From our bag-in-box acid for battery manufacturers, to bulk acid deliveries for industrial applications, our chemists have the high quality electrolyte to meet your needs.


Looking to reduce your on-site exposures?
We can help.

Want to keep up with ever-changing demand? No problem. Need to develop a proprietary chemical formulation? That’s our specialty. No matter how big or small your chemical challenges, at Alchemix, our experts will find your solution. 

We craft custom formulations for everything from topical health, beauty and personal care products, to printing inks, coatings, pyrotechnics, and adhesives—all from the safety of our FDA-registered, UL-certified chemical mixing facility.