Given the challenges of handling nitrocellulose, the proper credentials are critical when evaluating a supply partner. Alchemix is the leading toll manufacturer of nitrocellulose solutions for major printing and paint manufacturers. From our UL-certified, FDA-registered chemical mixing facility in College Park, Georgia, we service the needs of a wide range of industrial applications, with solutions ranging from customized, small batch formulations to drum and tote delivery.

Team up with our chemical experts to meet your nitrocellulose needs and help:

  • Reduce production complexity
  • Meet dynamic regulatory requirements
  • Free up valuable resources to focus on what you do best

Our nitrocellulose is developed in a filtered, solution form and handled in much the same fashion as solvents and other solution resins. Adjusted for viscosity to meet your exact specifications, the pumpable product is ideal for bulk storage systems and exhibits none of the material handling and storage issues typically associated with the chemical in solid form.

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